FE2 Update 26/07/21

Content: (Experimental) FE2 will occasionally change the color palette of maps Changes: Vote Map: Selection button redesigned Vote Map: Unlock & extra vote cost is now displayed on each map Vote Map: Only the 8 least recently played maps per difficulty will now be displayed Vote Map: Cooldown is present only when the amount of… Continue reading FE2 Update 26/07/21

FE2 Update: More Optimization

Changes: Major optimization to core game loops; Testing proves at least 3.5x faster VS previous versionNOTES:The optimization is for CPU performance on low end devices eg. phones.While the loops improved by at least 3.5x, this isn’t representative for all of FE2.Performance increases on low end devices should still be noticeable, however. Camera FX: Standard setting… Continue reading FE2 Update: More Optimization

FE2 Update 14/07/21

Fixes: Fixed issue where the game would reset gamepass ownership cache causing some gamepasses to not verify during gameplay (eg. Boombox gamepass) (Validated) Fixed issue with music where it would still play new music even if the option was off (Validated) Fixed issue with shift-lock on xbox where pressing the dedicated button (Right Bumper) would… Continue reading FE2 Update 14/07/21

FE2 Update 13/07/21

Changes: Button locator has been renamed to goal locator Goal locator now displays location of exit once all buttons are pressed Goal locator has been optimized to run smoother Goal locator now displays at a distance from the character to make viewing easier Button markers locally turn grey when the client recognizes a button press… Continue reading FE2 Update 13/07/21

FE2 Update 12/07/21

Content: Updated Forsaken Era by ElectroBlast199 Changes: Improved performance on low end devices by making multiple optimizations to reduce CPU usage Fixes: Fixed bug where you would get stuck on the loading screen if you left the lift just before a new round started Other various bug fixes FE2CM: Updated to latest build of Flood… Continue reading FE2 Update 12/07/21

FE2CM Update 11/07/21:

Changes: Camera FX: Zipline FX no longer applies to ziplines that take less than 2 seconds to travel on Added ‘Max Players’ option; default is 20; server owners can set the max player count up to 50. Added ‘Load All Scripts’ option; server owners can load maps with all scripts after reading a warning regarding… Continue reading FE2CM Update 11/07/21:

FE2 Update 09/07/2021

Content: Updated Poisonous Chasm to the latest version by Shortroundzach Changes: Weekend XP boost multiplier now applies to monthly XP leaderboard Aim Lock and Emote Mobile UI has been re-positioned to their original location Map event information is now displayed above the hud during gameplay so that you can check which map event is occurring.… Continue reading FE2 Update 09/07/2021