FE2 Update 26/07/21


  • (Experimental) FE2 will occasionally change the color palette of maps


  • Vote Map: Selection button redesigned
  • Vote Map: Unlock & extra vote cost is now displayed on each map
  • Vote Map: Only the 8 least recently played maps per difficulty will now be displayed
  • Vote Map: Cooldown is present only when the amount of maps in the difficulty is 8 or less
  • HUD: Added ‘buy currency’ option
  • XP: Alerts given when doing certain activities during gameplay
  • XP: Text removed from buttons
  • Drop-Shadow: Texture updated for precision
  • Updated player info UI
  • Various UI changes


  • Trusses: Made jumping more consistent
  • Walljumping: Increased power by 4% to compensate for collision logic changed in update 23/06/2021
  • Fixed bug where the client wouldn’t recognize changes in water state

(FE2CM has been updated to the latest build)