FE2 V49.04


  • New Map:
    Fallen has been given a full revamp and further embraces the theme in which Marred Dreams inspired the original.
    Given the jump in difficulty completing the map, Fallen is now an insane difficulty map.
    Fallen is currently the only insane map to contain a lost page.
  • Chill Mode:
    New server mode that disables intensity boosts and limits the max intensity to 3
    Players at level 10 or less will be invited to play in chill mode when first joining as a way to get used to playing FE2.
  • Musical Item Pack:
    Following the roblox audio update the boombox gamepass has undergone changes to become an item pack gamepass.
    The item pack contains the original flood boombox, a commemorative gold boombox and a treble clef trail aura.
    The boombox feature is still available but not as the main feature of the gamepass due to the 6 second public audio limit.
    The gamepass is now on sale for 400R$.
  • New Items:
    Fallen Shattered Tank (350 Gems)
    Fallen Shard Buddy (250 Gems)


  • Pro Mode:
    Requirements for joining a pro mode server have been changed to include a minimum of level 30 unless you have rebirthed.
    It is still a requirement to complete all but 1 insane map to be granted access.
  • Group Button:
    The group button now limits the required amount of players to press the button to 2.
    Chaos mode servers will preserve the original behaviour of group buttons.

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