FE2 Update: XP Boost Weekends

Changes: XP boost weekends: Earned XP is now multiplied by 1.5x on Saturday and Sunday(Multiplied XP does not contribute to the monthly XP leaderboard) Updated reward bar UI on the summary menu Reduced duration of end of round survival alert

FE2 Update 29/06/2021

Content: Added ‘Lost Page Collector’ badge for collecting 15 lost pages. Changes: Map Voting: If you make a vote as the only player in the server, the intermission will be skipped. Map Voting: Cooldown introduced for last played map in same difficulty. Map Voting: Unlock cost for votable most recently played map is now double… Continue reading FE2 Update 29/06/2021

FE2 Update 23/06/2021

Content: Blue Moon revamped by the original map maker, disney12 New feature: Map eventsTriggers the same way that rescue missions used to but with random choice. There are future plans to add choice for map events. New map event: All buttons are group buttons(Currently excluded in chaos servers as every button is already a group… Continue reading FE2 Update 23/06/2021

FE2 Update 22/06/2021

Fixes: Fixed bug where players could trigger a rescue mission after escaping, causing an extra NPC to follow in the next round Fixed bug where players not in game could press buttons Fixed bug where players could freeze the game while riding a zipline, making the game finish their zipline ride where their character was… Continue reading FE2 Update 22/06/2021