FE2 Update 09/07/2021


  • Updated Poisonous Chasm to the latest version by Shortroundzach


  • Weekend XP boost multiplier now applies to monthly XP leaderboard
  • Aim Lock and Emote Mobile UI has been re-positioned to their original location
  • Map event information is now displayed above the hud during gameplay so that you can check which map event is occurring.
  • Reduced map event intermission to 2m30s (Intermission is checked every new round)
  • Camera FX: Camera now automatically follows the path of ziplines
  • “You Survived!” message now shows what position you finished the map in.
  • In-round UI:
    Air now shows as a percentage, also combining tank and basic air up to 400%.
    Air bar now shows the drain/regen rate (Water = -8/s, Acid = -30/s, Regen = +16/s)


  • In-game timer millisecond counter is now correctly formatted
    (Previously didn’t show 0’s when time was less than 0.1)


  • Game has been updated to the latest build of Flood Escape 2
  • Added the option to force rescue missions
  • Map voting no longer requires ‘All Maps Access’ gamepass
  • Map voting in FE2CM now shows a max of 9 maps to vote to improve voting during multiplayer sessions