FE2 Update 13/07/21


  • Button locator has been renamed to goal locator
  • Goal locator now displays location of exit once all buttons are pressed
  • Goal locator has been optimized to run smoother
  • Goal locator now displays at a distance from the character to make viewing easier
  • Button markers locally turn grey when the client recognizes a button press
  • Shift-Lock has been modified with a new FE2-specific cursor
  • Shift-Lock is now supported on Xbox (Right Bumper)


  • Map list window now displays how many maps are loaded in the title
  • Maps loaded with an instance count higher than 8k will now display a 🧬 symbol to signify:
    The map may run poorly on lower end devices or mobile
  • Maps loaded with scripts removed by FE2CM will now display a ⚠ symbol to signify:
    A duplicate EventScript/LocalEventScript was removed
    Extra scripts were removed with ‘Load All Scripts’ option switched off