FE2 V49 03/03/2022


  • New Feature: Daily Challenges
    Complete 3 standard daily challenges worth 250XP each and unlock the more difficult master challenges worth 750XP each (Extra Master Challenge available to Roblox Premium Subscribers)
Daily Challenges panel that can be toggled on or off
  • Added UTC Clock and Daily Challenges Panel to Goals Menu
Goals Menu with updated Daily Challenges Feature and UTC Clock
  • New Skins:
    Crazyblox Games (VIP)
    Castle Tides
    Forsaken Era
    Marred Dreams
    Buried Oasis
    Poisonous Valley
    Lost Woods
    Eerie Peaks (🎃 Seasonal)
    Polar Industry (❄ Seasonal)
  • Increased Standard Server Player Count to 14

Fixes / Notes:

  • Crazyblox Games Logo Intro no longer freezes on entry
  • Fixed Intensity Numbers (e.g. 1.430000001 is now 1.43)
  • Winter Event is over; ❄ Seasonal items are now off sale until the next winter event

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