FE2 Update 23/06/2021


  • Blue Moon revamped by the original map maker, disney12
  • New feature: Map events
    Triggers the same way that rescue missions used to but with random choice. There are future plans to add choice for map events.
  • New map event: All buttons are group buttons
    (Currently excluded in chaos servers as every button is already a group button)


  • Potential fix for frame lag when other characters are clustered with your character on a map by optimizing collision logic


  • Converted rescue mission to a map event
  • Max level XP cap: Increased from 10,000 XP to 12,000 XP
  • Rebirth cap increased to 15
  • Required XP per level: Scaled up by 10% per rebirth (eg. Rebirth 12 will scale by 120%)
  • Landing page to lobby transition is more dynamic
  • Alerts UI:
  • Added gradient
  • Replaced solid background with soft shadow
  • Alert grows/shrinks when fading in/out
  • Level Up UI: Now uses text instead of preset graphics to support localization