Flood Escape 2 Update 18/06/2021

Hey guys, hope you’re doing well! Here’s the latest patch notes for Flood Escape 2.

  • New players start the game with 50 Coins and 20 Gems for free to let them experiment with the shop or map votes and intensity boosts.
  • New goals menu; keeps track of daily login rewards and monthly xp progress which could previously not be tracked. More goals will be added to this window in the future for players to complete.
  • Daily login system has been reworked to a cycling 7 day daily bonus:
    Day 1: 2 Coins
    Day 2: 4 Coins
    Day 3: 8 Coins
    Day 4: 14 Coins
    Day 5: 4 Gems
    Day 6: 20 Coins
    Day 7: 10 Gems
    Daily login cycles back to day 1 after day 7. Your consecutive logins are still recorded.
  • Before riding a zipline the game now checks if the player is close enough to the start of the zipline before activating.

This update is more of a quality of life update. The addition of the goals menu will pave the way for including extra goals in the future, which is planned to be one of the next updates. Showing the goals menu as the player joins the game help orient how far they’ve come in the monthly xp leaderboard, or how many more days they are from getting the best rewards (20 coins on day 6, 10 gems on day 7).

Take Care,