FE2 Update 29/06/2021


  • Added ‘Lost Page Collector’ badge for collecting 15 lost pages.


  • Map Voting: If you make a vote as the only player in the server, the intermission will be skipped.
  • Map Voting: Cooldown introduced for last played map in same difficulty.
  • Map Voting: Unlock cost for votable most recently played map is now double the next least expensive unlock option.
  • Map Voting: Base extra vote cost increased by 1 coin, counting up from after the free maps.
  • Lost Pages: Progress has been cleared due to revamp of the feature and allowing for progression via the new system.
  • Lost Pages: Converted into a map event.
  • Lost Pages: Menu has been integrated into the goals menu.
  • Lost Pages: Now awards 50XP at the end of a round when collected.
  • Changed far visible players option to function exclusively on horizontal axis’ to better improve view of your character when playing in clusters.
  • UI menus which have a quick access button in the HUD bar no longer show in the ‘+’ quick access button.