Flood Escape 2 Update 27/05/21

  • Localization efforts have been made to translate FE2 to various languages:
    We have started to officially support Spanish, and will provide maintenance and updates for other languages in the future.
  • XP reward for Crazy maps reduced from 500XP to 300XP to accurately reflect linear progression of XP rewards for surviving maps of varying difficulty.
  • All currency is capped to 100,000, unless currency is purchased or a code is redeemed.
  • You can now earn XP on VIP servers again. However XP will still not be applied to the Monthly Leaderboard unless you are playing in a public server.
  • Ingame Moderation: We can now accept reports of players exploiting via the new dedicated channel in our discord server, and with enough evidence for justification make bans and clear player’s XP on the monthly leaderboard.
    Bans can become effective in as quick as 1 minute in the game once instated.
    Exploiters beware: If you have purchased any content for use in Flood Escape 2 then now is a good time to stop using your tools to gain an unfair advantage. You will be banned and you will lose your place on the global monthly leaderboards.

Above is the patch notes for the update planned to be released today. There are a lot of things that I have been working on behind the scenes including localization. I will be focusing more on localizing the game to other languages over the course of the month so do not expect any new content authored from myself at the very least. I hope that the inclusion of in-game moderation gives players a sense of relief, I understand that it has been frustrating seeing exploiters run amok, so if you report anybody exploiting please include their username and ID along with photo/video evidence in our discord server.