FE2: Metaverse Champions Update

Today I’m excited to say that Flood Escape 2 is taking part in Roblox’s Metaverse Champions Event! A major event run by Roblox inviting 180~ games to take part in a bid for one champion to come out on top? Count me in!

Flood Escape 2 just got updated with a new feature that ties in with the champions event, and will persist after the 2nd week finishes (The week FE2 is participating in). Our game’s champion is Fey, and you will see her on the title screen and in the lobby boasting the 2nd case before you enter the lift! The metaverse badge will not be awarded after the 2nd week is over, so make sure you get it while you can!

What’s the new feature? Lost Pages!
With 1 lost page on each easy, medium and hard difficulty map, you’ll be able to look around the familiar maps not for buttons or the exit, but for lost pages scattered around! This feature ties in to the metaverse champions event by awarding you with Fey’s 2nd Case when you collect 10 lost pages. Can you find them all?

Updated Camera FX:
We know some of the hardcore player base likes the option of not using Camera FX, mainly for the fact that it ‘feels better’. I did a little messing around with the Camera FX code and realized that smoothing it would help greatly by making it less jittery. A good example of this would be before when you would jump up a truss quickly the camera would look like it’s stuttering quite a lot. With the latest Camera FX this isn’t the case! Some slight addition to the FOV has also been added during any horizontal movement, but you might not have noticed that until now. The goal is to make the camera feel as smooth as possible, perhaps akin to some other quality games out there. It may be a placebo effect, but I felt a lot more comfortable completing Blue Moon with the updated Camera FX as motion felt smoother.

Dark Sci-Forest Update:
Dark Sci-Forest got updated with new music and a slightly different layout in the beginning area! The original music for Dark Sci-Forest was created in mid 2017, and was THE first track I composed by myself for Flood Escape 2. Given that it was pretty early on, you should be able to tell that it was sufficient for the map but could have done with more quality. Safe to say it’s 2021 and after having made other tracks for FE2 and for my own musical alias Redense, I felt like it was time it got a remake! You can listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/redense/dark-sci-forest-2021
As mentioned earlier the beginning layout got a slight update, with an updated spawn and new group button. I also added a fallen trunk which players could either jump over or slide under, the choice is theirs. This change was made to draw out the gameplay of the map by a few extra seconds. I don’t think I’m done working on Dark Sci-Forest, as I like to be incremental with the changes that I make. But I may also feel content with what it is like right now. Who knows.

Personally I’m super happy that FE2 got invited to take part in a new Roblox Event. The last time FE2 took part in an event was early 2018 in the labyrinth event. It also in some way validates the work I do, not just to our community, but to roblox itself. For context I temporarily joined Fifteam to work on 2018’s Egg Hunt and said yes without understanding my own circumstances that FE2 literally just took off at the end of the previous year and needed my attention too (If you’re in Fifteam and reading this, you did a great job with the game), and I buckled and left without having done much to the game. Looking back I accept it was something I should have respectfully declined, but we all learn from our mistakes and for me I learned from that to only put what I can on my plate for myself and not for the sake of pleasing others. Since then Roblox has grown exponentially so I’m glad that Roblox has been accommodating and invited so many games to take part in the event. So for me, this feels like I’ve come full circle and I’m back in the saddle of doing what I love; making games for people to enjoy.

This is the first blog post for an FE2 update. Hope you appreciate the extra insights to the patch notes rather than +this, +that, and some of my own ramblings 😊

Enjoy looking for the lost pages!

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