A New Blog: What it will contain and why

Hello everyone!

This is going to be my new blog where I discuss development of our games and anything else that we consider important to us. So for any Flood Escape 2 updates, this will be the place to check out!

There’s a few reasons why I’ve wanted to create a blog, and I’d like to explain them to you.

For a while Flood Escape 2 updates have been posted solely on Twitter, and then filtered through to our other platforms like Discord or the Forums. While it’s been great to just punch out a few tweets worth of patch notes, it’s become increasingly obvious that it’s not the optimal way to show all of what we can offer in any new updates. 280 characters per tweet is simply not enough for what I want to be able to show you. By having this blog set up I will be able to present in any format I want what will be coming out in the next update etc., with an easy method of accessing previous updates or blogs rather than filtering through responses to other users on twitter or like I said before, threads of posts for one update. So look forward to more informative updates in the future, where I’ll be able to add edits to blog posts should any important details need to be addressed.

What we will then be doing for discussion regarding blog posts surrounding updates to FE2 is that we can create a topic over on our forums to allow for discussion with the latest content. There we will be able to talk with other users about feedback and what to take into consideration. Being able to do it in this method allows me to be able to address more specific things to do with the blog post and the contents of it.

One last reason (And perhaps a fairly personal one)….
I’ve been trying to distance myself from social media. A lot. Integrating my online presence with social media has given me the feeling of compulsion; to always be present and always feel the need to check out what the latest thing going on is; when for example I closed Twitter 5 minutes ago and I have the itch to go back online in next to no time. I’m sure addiction would be appropriate to describe. For me it’s almost impossible to not feel worse after I’ve used these apps not because of what I see or what I follow, but the sense of depending on it for a source of happiness and inevitably being exposed to the news sections which are never positive and just wear on my soul. I’ve already stopped using Facebook since the beginning of 2021, but there’s a lot I’ve already done to cut these things out of my life. I’ve deleted apps on my phone, and been very careful in choosing when / how I receive news, and changing how I manage my presence online. With the UK having been in one of its many lockdowns since the start of the year being unable to see anybody else worsened my social media usage, but with the recent easing of restrictions I’m hoping to be able to see more of my friends again and get a sense of my personal life back. As some of you are already aware I have recently left the Flood Escape Discord server to focus on making games and updates for them, and Nicholas who runs the web, community and social side of things has been doing a great job running things smoothly helping me out in all of this.

It’s been a few days since my 8th ‘Twitterversary’, and It’s served me well in providing contact with a lot of the roblox community and developers alike, but from here on out I will be less and less active on the platform and will be elsewhere.

Where you will find me now mainly is posting here on my blog and within the Crazyblox Games Forums (https://forums.crazyblox.games) responding to Update Logs referring to games. I’m looking forward to sharing more posts in the future and I’m hoping that you guys will be appreciating the new format going forward.


Discussion Topic: https://forum.crazyblox.games/t/new-blog-discussion-post/36088