FE2 Release 48 Patch Notes


  • Added Relic Valley [Hard] by 1xBlindx1
  • Added Fall Equinox [Normal] by Phexonia
  • Refreshed Dark Sci-Forest [Hard]
  • Added Rescue Event to Forsaken Era [Easy]
  • Added 8 Community-Made Shop Items:
    Aura: Candy Corn by 1xBlindx1 (Halloween Exclusive)
    Tank: Jack Pack by 1xBlindx1 (Halloween Exclusive)
    Tank: Angry Jack by 1xBlindx1 (Halloween Exclusive)
    Tank: Haunted Dustbuster by Programmables (Halloween Exclusive)
    Tank: Jack Packed by u_zqr (Halloween Exclusive)
    Tank: Sickle by XxrobloxmsterrxX
    Tank: Ancient Amber by woomy86
    Tank: Warm Lamp by Visual_VDvanox
  • Halloween Exclusive items are on sale until the end of October


  • Enabled Roblox-provided voice chat (Roblox beta participating members only)
  • Pro & Chaos Servers: Leaderboard XP disabled as exploiters mass-blocked for server exclusivity
  • UI: Font change for clearer readability, landing page update & transition to new design language
  • Shop: 3D view for new tanks introduced
  • Blue Moon: Optimized meshparts
  • Goals – Lost Pages: Notice updated to ‘Insane/Crazy maps do not contain pages’
  • Low Detail Mode: Textures & decals removed on non-liquid & non-transparent objects
  • Misc. CPU performance optimizations
  • Updates are now numbered for better tracking of changes


  • Poisonous Valley: Broken eventscript
  • Beneath The Ruins: Unreliable vent walljump
  • Quick Access UI: Toggle affecting lift UI visibility

It’s been a while since I’ve created an update this big so it may be missing a few smaller changes. I am now aiming to provide updates with more content but with less frequency so that development can continue smoothly and also reduce any new bugs thanks to the rigorous testing and feedback provided by the QA team.

Enjoy the latest update, there will be more to come.